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Keeping your teeth, mouth and gums healthy
A beautiful smile starts with healthy teeth and gums and, at the heart of AllClear's values is a desire to provide top quality general dental care to all of our patients. With a range of treatments to suit all budgets, competitive fixed & inclusive prices and extended payment options, you can be assured of affordable high quality private dental care.

Check ups
We normally recommend that you have a dental check up every six months; even if you think that everything is fine, regular attendance helps spot the early signs of tooth decay, gum disease or more serious problems such as mouth cancer. At your check up, we will inspect your teeth, gums & mouth, taking x-rays or photographs where necessary and we will advise you of any treatment required, the options available and the costs involved. We will also advise you of any changes needed to your diet or oral hygiene regime to keep your teeth, gums & mouth healthy.

Cleaning & oral hygiene
To minimise the risk of more serious problems, it is important for you to maintain an effective oral hygiene regime and this means cleaning your teeth for two minutes, twice a day and using floss or interdental brushes to keep the spaces between your teeth clean. However, sometimes you may need a little help and regular visits to a hygienist can help, not only by deep cleaning your teeth to remove stubborn stains and plaque/scale but also by showing you the correct way to brush and offering help and advice on maintaining your oral health.

At AllClear, we stress the importance of maintaining healthy teeth mouth and gums and early treatment of any problems identified to avoid more extensive and costly treatment later on. If you suffer from bleeding or swollen gums, loosening teeth or unpleasant odours/taste in your mouth, it can be an indication of periodontitis (gum disease) which, if left untreated, can lead to the loss of teeth in later life. If we detect signs of this, we will recommend that you see one of our hygienists who will not only thoroughly clean your teeth but will also give you instruction to help you develop an effective oral hygiene regime.

Our hygienist appointments are priced per session and if you require more than one cleaning session in your course of treatment, you will be advised at the outset. And remember, you no longer have to see a dentist before seeing a hygienist (although we do recommend regular dental checks alongside hygienist visits).

Sometimes, problems with your teeth can occur and we provide a full range of dental treatments to repair and restore your teeth including:

  • Fillings
  • Crowns
  • Dentures
  • Bridges
  • Veneers

Our treatments normally come with a guarantee of at least one year (the main exception to this is where you ask us to undertake a treatment on a tooth with a poor overall prognosis).