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Are you a nervous patient?
If you feel nervous or anxious before visiting the dentist, you are not alone. It is fair to say that a visit to the dentist is not high on most people's 'must do' lists and the majority of patients have feelings ranging from mild anxiety to outright fear. In extreme cases, these feelings are so strong that they cause the individual to fear dentists in general and avoid them as a result - in other words, dental phobia.

Our approach to nervous patients
At AllClear, we understand that you may feel anxiety, fear or phobia at the thought of undergoing treatment - after all, the AllClear team are, at one time or another, dental patients themselves so understand dental treatment from the patient's point of view.

Our approach to nervous patients is quite simple - we will treat you gently and with understanding to help you overcome your fears, With modern techniques and dental materials, discomfort is minimised and our approach is to treat our patients gently and with understanding so that they leave realising that dental care is nothing to be frightened of.

What you can do
If you are worried about a trip to the dentist, there are a number of things you can do to help:

  • Understand that you are not alone - most people experience some form of anxiety before a dental visit but maintain regular visits even so.
  • Attend regular dental examinations - they don't hurt and maintaining regular checkups will ensure that any problems will be spotted early when they are easily treated.
  • Ask your dentist to explain the treatment fully to you so that you understand exactly what will happen and when.
  • Remember that it's your mouth - you must consent to treatment and can withdraw that consent at any time - the dentist will not do anything to you without your permission.

Help and support
For further details about the help and support available click on one of the buttons in the link box.