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Consenting to treatment
A dentist or hygienist is only allowed to treat you if you have given your consent to the treatment proceeding. This consent must be ‘informed’ – in other words, you should fully understand all aspects of the treatment before agreeing to it. The following sets out our policy for consent:

  • Your consent must be given to the dentist or hygienist undertaking the treatment
  • For dental examinations (check-ups), your consent will be assumed as you have requested the examination prior to entering the surgery and no treatment is taking place. However, you will be asked to give your express consent for x-rays to be taken.
  • For other dental treatments including (but not restricted to) hygienist sessions, fillings, crowns, bridges and dentures, your verbal consent will be requested.
  • For some treatments including (but not restricted to) teeth whitening, root canal treatment, extractions and surgical work, your written consent will be requested
  • You should only give your consent if you are satisfied that the treatment procedure, costs, risks and alternatives have been fully explained to you and you have had all of your questions answered to your satisfaction
  • If you are worried that you may not understand all aspects of the treatment proposed, you are welcome to bring a relative of friend with you to assist you; however, please remember that it is you who must give the consent for your treatment without feeling pressurised in any way (but please see our policy for children below)
  • You may withdraw your consent at any time during the course of treatment. If you do ask to withdraw consent, the dentist will explain any risks of not proceeding to you and, if necessary, will apply a temporary filling/crown to stabilise the tooth. If you do withdraw your consent, you may be charged as follows:
    • If you withdraw consent before treatment begins, you will be charged according to our normal cancellation rules
    • If you withdraw consent after treatment begins, you will be charged either a proportion or the whole of the cost of the treatment being undertaken with the amount charged depending on the extent of the treatment already undertaken and the out of pocket expenses incurred by the practice.
  • For children aged 15 & under, we will normally request the consent of a parent or legal guardian before proceeding with treatment